Shoulder Surgery

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Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Surgery services offered in Idaho Falls, ID

Is your chronic shoulder pain reducing your mobility? Is it interfering with your everyday activities, with conservative treatments providing no help? If so, it might be time to consider shoulder surgery. At Ridgeline Orthopedics in Idaho Falls, Idaho, R. Jeff Grondel, MD, offers expert operative and non operative shoulder treatments, don't let shoulder problems interfere with your life. Call or request a consultation online today for expert help.

Shoulder Surgery Q&A

Why would I need shoulder surgery?

Your shoulders are extraordinary. They are strong with an enormous range of motion that allows you to reach in many directions. You might not realize how much you use them until you have a painful shoulder problem that prevents you from brushing your teeth or getting items on your pantry's top shelf.

Some of the common issues that Dr. Grondel can diagnose and treat include:

  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Impingement
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Labral tears
  • Instability
  • Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis

Dr. Grondel provides advanced nonoperative treatments including  medication, joint injections, and physical therapy. When these conservative treatments aren't successful, Dr. Grondel offers state of the art surgical solutions to repair your shoulder and relieve your pain.

How do I know when to consider shoulder surgery?

Surgery isn't usually the first approach to correct painful shoulder problems. However, if your scans show that your joint is severely damaged, surgery might be your best option. 

Additionally, if your pain is so severe that it keeps you awake at night or stops you from your day-to-day activities and other treatments aren't effective, Dr. Grondel might recommend surgery. 

What happens during shoulder surgery?

Dr. Grondel provides a range of surgical options, depending on your condition. While you're under anesthesia, he makes incisions, approaching your shoulder from the front, back, or side.

During your surgery, he can remove or repair damaged tissue. Dr. Grondel also offers shoulder replacement surgery if your shoulder is past the point that other treatments or procedures would relieve your pain.  

What should I expect after shoulder surgery?

In most cases, you can go home after your anesthesia wears off. Dr. Grondel provides aftercare instructions and usually prescribes medication to manage any initial discomfort. 

You'll also start physical therapy almost immediately. Initially, therapy focuses on maintaining muscle tone and flexibility, but as you recover, you'll begin to rebuild your strength, range of motion, and stamina.

Full recovery can take several months. You'll have follow-up appointments with Dr. Grondel throughout your recovery and can gradually return to your regular activities.  

If you need an experienced shoulder surgeon, call Ridgeline Orthopedics.